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Tiktok Ad Formats And Their Benefits

TikTok offers businesses a unique and entertaining way to increase interaction and be creative with their brand.


Why exactly should you use a different ad format? The short answer is that it will help turn your target audience into customers. There are five types of ads on TikTok: In-feed, Top View , Brand Takeover and hashtag challenges; as well as Branded Effects which can’t be found anywhere else! A strong campaign creative with these platforms may just capture someones’ attention enough for them to click through and conversion happens when they see what serious offers brands like yours have available.

Are you ready to go deeper into these ad types and their best practices? Let’s get started.


With TikTok’s In-Feed ads, you can tell brand stories like a pro. As TikTok’s basic ad style, In-Feed ads allow you to insert your video commercials and have them auto-play on your target audience’s ‘For You Page.’ Users can like, comment, share, follow, and shoot videos within the same TikTok music with these ads.

In-Feed ads can be utilized to achieve a range of campaign goals. Each one has a clickable CTA button that can direct people to an external landing page, app downloads, or your company’s TikTok account. We recommend that your ad be 15 seconds long for optimal visibility.

Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme used In-Feed ads to drive product awareness and brand love with TikTok creators in the first quarter of 2021


TikTok’s prime ad real estate will capture the attention of any user: Top-View ads. When users start the app, Top-View ads appear at the top of their ‘For You Page.’ This ad style allows you to run a video ad for up to 60 seconds, giving you a completely immersive viewing experience with no other competing material.

Top-View ads are ideal for raising brand awareness since they ensure a large reach and a high number of impressions. The secret to Top-View commercials is for your company to develop a highly interesting video that will make a lasting impact on your viewers. 



Brand Takeovers, like Top-View ads, are full-screen static or dynamic displays that create a big visual impact when a user first opens TikTok, but users are unable to like or comment. Consider these adverts to be akin to non-skippable or bumper advertising on YouTube.

Brand Takeover advertisements are either a 3-5 second video or a 3 second picture that are supposed to be quick, crisp, and to the point. Brands can use this to send traffic to both internal and external landing pages. The best practice is to combine this ad type with the other TikTok ad formats to achieve the broadest and deepest reach possible.


The TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge was created to complement TikTok’s user-generated content look. This format taps into the user’s need to create and express themselves, resulting in significant brand recognition and engagement that goes beyond a click.

Within the app, this format can be divided into three sections. The first are conventional video advertisements that run in the In-Feed placement and encourage viewers to take part in the challenge. The second method is to use featured banners on the ‘Discover Page,’ which guide users to the Hashtag Challenge (third placement), which serves as the challenge’s major focus. The Hashtag Challenge brings all of the video submissions from across the world together in one spot, making it easier for users to engage with other people and businesses.


With the production of shareable branded stickers, filters, and effects that viewers can use in their own video footage, brands can embrace their fun side. These effects can be used as a stand-alone campaign or as part of your Branded Hashtag Challenge for a more comprehensive marketing experience.

The value of Branded Effects, like Hashtag Challenges, resides in the fact that these formats go beyond merely being an advertisement; your audience becomes immersed and involved, resulting in significantly higher levels of engagement.

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